As many local businesses and charitable organisations are gradually emerging from lockdown restrictions, the University of Exeter is proud to announce that we have begun planning a gradual return to our collaboration with British Heart Foundation.

Donation rates from the student population had been increasing rapidly, with one of the highest donation rates for British Heart foundation in Exeter in 2019. It was therefore a great shame to have to place out collaborations on hold in 2020.

There is still some uncertainty around student movement to and from the city with new travel announcements being updated regularly, but we still aim to promote BHF donations as best as we can during the summer move-out period.

Operations have been scaled back slightly to account for these changes. The frequency of doorstop collections will be reduced, and the number of donation points will be carefully reviewed as student numbers are observed, but we are exploring new ways to promote the importance of giving during these challenging times.

“Students have been donating to BHF for years, particularly during the busy moving out period in the summer, when accommodation is being tidied and cleared prior to moving. The increasing emphasis on upcycling and concerns about the Environment have also fuelled the appetite for donating and helping others in need. We are taking slow steps with our revived BHF collaboration, and we hope other institutions will be encouraged to explore new ways to work with BHF. The UK Town and Gown Association (of with Exeter is a member), is always keen to encourage cross-sector collaboration”

Rory Cunningham, Community Liaison Manager, University of Exeter

“We have worked in collaboration now with Exeter University since 2014 and over the years our Pack for Good Campaign has grown in range and involvement across the student population and the city.

The benefits gained through all donations received from students, towards the fight against cardiovascular disease and our continuing aim to beat Heartbreak forever through support and cure, cannot be underrated.

As well as this our core beliefs and work around Reuse and sustainability of people’s well-loved items has supported our firm relationship.

The donations from the University student population alone since 2014 has raised to date, just short of £265,000… and saved tons of items from landfill to be loved and reused. We can only see the Campaign developing hand in hand with the University.

After what has been such a challenging year for everyone in 2020; we are ready and raring to go for the months ahead and look forward to fully rebuilding all avenues to further success.”

Tim Reeves, University Account Executive, British Heart Foundation