Dee Corbett

Community Engagement Manager, Queen’s University Belfast
Northern Ireland Regional Representative

Dee Corbett has been the Community Engagement Manager at Queen’s University Belfast for eight years, having joined the University in 2008 as an Assistant Estates Manager for Security. Dee successfully hosted the UK-TGA 2018 at Queen’s University Belfast and continues to develop the role in Community Engagement in Belfast. He has advocated strongly for improved relationships with the local community in South Belfast and leads a small team of two Community Engagement Officers, one part time during term time he manages the University response to all off campus complaints and allegations of student misconduct.

The Office also jointly funds the Students’ Union’s Volunteer & Community Support Officer post which promotes and co-ordinates a range of volunteering schemes throughout the year (such as Millennium Volunteers, litter picking and Degree Plus) and provides advice and guidance on these to Queen’s students and other relevant parties. Community Engagement works to support the promotion of such schemes to their stakeholders.

Community Engagement Manager jointly funds and supports the Students’ Union’s Volunteer & Community Support Officer to build relationships with community stakeholders, enabling identification of ad-hoc projects within the community which could involve student volunteers. Dee co-ordinates these in line with the Students’ Union’s Handy Helpers initiative.

Dee represents the University on the Executive Board and as a Director of the Forward South Partnership, and is an Executive Member of the South Belfast Roundtable, a partnership of 85 groups which seeks to break down barriers, tackle racism and promote diversity. The 85 groups include representatives from minority ethnic groups, local communities, church and political leaders, voluntary and community groups and representatives of statutory bodies.

Dee’s experience and practice has shown that the greater engagement a student has with the University and the wider community, the less likely they are to be reported for minor anti-social disturbances.

At Queen’s, Dee has developed a partnership approach with the teaching Colleges and the Belfast Metropolitan College to improve the level of engagement and impact on student behaviour.

He developed the University Alcohol Education Initiative programme in 2013, working with students to help them learn about the impact of excessive alcohol consumption on themselves and others.

The workshop offsets sanctions from breaches in conduct for first time offences, and also provides information on extra-curricular activities that will enrich the students’ experience, enhance career prospects and make a difference to the lives of others.