UKTGA February webinar: Oxford City Angels - 1-2pm, 27 Febraury 2024

Join UKTGA for our February webinar:

Oxford City Angels

1-2pm Tuesday 27 February, Zoom (register now)

Sharon Massingham, Business Crime Partnership Manager, Nightsafe Manager – Thames Valley Police

Sharon will talk about the Oxford City Angels Community Interest Company, which was established in May 2022. They are a voluntary predominately female-focused support team working in partnership with Thames Valley Police, Oxford City Council and the Nightsafe Oxford Network.
Their primary function is to support the safety and security of women and girls at night. Find out how the volunteer group was set up, how they operate and work with partners in the night-time economy to deliver their service and the impact of their work so far.

Sharon Massingham spent 30 years working in Utility Companies and joined TVP in 2017 as the Business Crime Partnership Manager. Her other role within TVP is Oxford’s Nightsafe Manager with the responsibility to work with partners and implement preventative measures to reduce alcohol related violence in the NTE. More recently she led the delivery of half a million pound project funded through the governments Safer Streets manifesto to reduce Violence Against Woman and Girls in the NTE. Oxford City Angels was a successful outcome of this project where they have made a significant impact on keep women and girls safe whilst they socialise in the city.

UKTGA January webinar: Bite Size Volunteering - 2-3pm, 25 January 2024

Join UKTGA for our first webinar of 2024:

Bite Size Volunteering

2-3pm Thursday 25 January, Zoom (registration details will be sent through UKTGA JISCmail)

Jonny Baxter, Volunteer and Community Support Officer – Queen’s Students’ Union – Belfast

Jonny joins us to discuss his work on Handy Helpers – the Bitesize Volunteering offer to Students at Queen’s University Belfast.

Handy Helpers sits with in a bigger Student Union Volunteering Team and is one of 3 flagship programmes.  Handy Helpers is a unique initiative which enables students to take part in a wide range of one-off volunteering opportunities in the local community. They can pick and choose what activities they want to participate in based on interests and availability.  From community gardening to decorating charity premises and event logistics, students will gain experience in various settings while actively contributing to the local community.

The key focus of the programme is for student development and to benefit the wider community on and off campus.  This involves strong links with Community Engagement, Sustainability, and the wider community sector.

This presentation aims to share:

  • Experiences to help engage student volunteering.
  • Space to focus on why we volunteer.
  • Creative ideas of how to take practical next steps.

UKTGA Conference - 29 November 2023

The UKTGA annual conference returns on Wednesday 29 November! We are delighted to have a great lineup for the day, with a range of interactive online sessions, led by local authority representatives, academics, town-gown practitioners, and many others. The full agenda (UKTGA Conference Agenda - November 2023) for the conference includes sessions from the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Al Garthwaite; Simon Merrywest, Director for the Student Experience at The University of Manchester; and Sharon Massingham, Business Crime Partnership Manager and Nightsafe Manager at Thames Valley Police.

The cost for the full-day conference is just £50.00 (including VAT). Registrations can be made by contacting, or calling Manchester Student Homes on 0161 275 7680.


UKTGA October webinar: A Distributive Leadership Approach to Community Engagement - 2-3pm, 26 October 2023

Join UKTGA for our October webinar:

A Distributive Leadership Approach to Community Engagement 

2-3pm Thursday 26 October, Zoom (registration details will be sent through UKTGA JISCmail)

Amanda Jackson, Social Impact Sustainability Manager - University of Leeds

Amanda joins us to discuss her work on CENTRE - the University of Leeds's new distributive leadership network guiding our institutional approach to community engagement (CE).  CENTRE brings together CE activity across the University, where the CENTRE’s members have a shared common purpose and are directly connected to faculty and students working at a grassroots level with local communities. This approach draws on the passion, experience, and enthusiasm of all those involved in community engagement and shares the responsibility among them. CENTRE is committed to taking a scholarly and evidence-based approach to community engagement to inform the design of community-engaged curricula; and a commitment to measuring impact, evaluation, and research of community engagement at the University of Leeds.

UKTGA August webinar: Harm reduction - 2-3pm, 17 August 2023

Join UKTGA for our August webinar:

Harm reduction

2-3pm on Thursday 17 August, Zoom (registration details will be sent through UKTGA JISCmail)

Tracy Lumb - Senior Project Manager – Wellbeing, Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK)

Tracy Lumb joins us to discuss her work at SOS-UK on harm reduction approaches to student drug use. Tracy led the team that designed SOS-UK’s Drug & Alcohol Impact accreditation programme, which embeds social norms of responsible drinking on campuses and refocuses the conversation on drugs towards reducing harm. She has also been involved in the Universities UK (UUK) task force into student drug use.

UKTGA July webinar: Oxford House Champion Scheme - 1-2pm, 25 July 2023

Join UKTGA for our July webinar:

Oxford House Champion Scheme

1-2pm on Tuesday 25 July, Zoom (registration details will be sent through UKTGA JISCmail)

Andrea Siret - Head of Community Engagement at Oxford Brookes University

The House Champion Scheme implemented in Oxford has evolved since its inception by Oxford City Council in 2012. Now led by Oxford Brookes University the initiative remains a collaborative partnership with the core objectives to provide advice and guidance to students in private rented accommodation about being good neighbours and help them settle into their local area. Communicating to students in shared housing has always been a challenge. Find out more about what this scheme entails, how it has evolved and the new approaches we are exploring which helps compliment other initiatives to deliver key messages to students in a timely way.

UKTGA June webinar: Manchester Women’s Night-time Safety Charter - 11am-12pm, 27 June 2023

Join UKTGA for our June webinar:

Manchester Women’s Night-time Safety Charter
11am-12pm Wednesday 27 June, Zoom (registration details will be sent through UKTGA JISCmail)

Candida Turner - Policy Specialist, Community Safety Team, Manchester City Council

Manchester is the proud home of the Pankhurst and the Women’s Rights movement, we have always been at the front of active campaigning and the fight for the safety and protection of women.  In September 2022 the council launched the ‘Women’s Night-time Safety Charter’ to keep women and girls safe, this approach and other initiatives are all working towards making Manchester a safer place. Candida Turner, lead for the safety of women and girls at the local authority, joins us to tell us more about this work.

UKTGA May webinar: Nottingham Student Living Strategy - 2-3.30pm, 17 May 2023

Join UKTGA for our May webinar:

Nottingham Student Living Strategy
2-3.30pm Wednesday 17 May, Zoom (registration details will be sent through UKTGA JISCmail)

Kristy Diaz – University of Nottingham Political and Public Affairs Manager
Matthew Grant – Nottingham City Council Local Plans Manager
Jamie Dickinson – University of Nottingham Community Engagement Manager

A short review of how Nottingham City Council, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University have worked together to develop a long-term strategy for student accommodation in the City.

The strategy, recently published in draft form for public consultation, considers three main priorities:
1. Improve and increase accommodation options
2. Reduce ASB and improve neighbourhoods
3. Improve graduate retention.

November 2022 Virtual Conference!

Dear UKTGA Member

Hi everyone,
You are all invited to the UKTGA virtual conference on November 15th from 9:30am-4:30pm. This all-day event includes sessions from council members, council officers, professors, landlords student wellbeing practitioners, and many others. A full overview of the day’s speakers presenters can be found below.

The cost for the full day’s conference is only £35.00 (including VAT) , and payments can be  paid made  by card at or by calling 161 275 7682 and registering with a member of Manchester Student Homes using the online link below.
payment link here

Any enquiries can be made to
Or call – 0161 275 7680

Confirmed Speakers for the Day

Councillor Bev Craig – Leader of Manchester City Council

Bev Craig, Councillor for Burnage ward, became leader of Manchester City Council in December 2021. As leader, her focus is on Manchester’s ambitious COVID recovery, the importance of building a more inclusive and sustainable economy, children and young people, equalities, housing and zero carbon. She is also Greater Manchester Combined Authority portfolio lead for Economy, Business & International.


Dr Simon Merrywest – Director for the Student Experience - University of Manchester

Simon leads the Directorate and has overall responsibility for its staff and operations. He is also a member of the Professional Services Leadership Team and works in partnership with the Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students, and other senior colleagues and students in the development and delivery of strategies to deliver an outstanding experience for all students.

Professor Darren Smith (Geography and Environment) – University of Loughborough
Darren is fascinated by the formation of new social and economic geographies that are giving rise to more exclusive, segregated, and transient societies. He coined the term ‘studentification’ to conceptualise processes of change within university towns and cities tied to the growth of student populations and the expansion of higher education.

Changing geographies of post-studentification?
Abstract - The demand and supply of student housing is being reconfigured within the context of a fluid and changing world.  The profound effects of the Covid pandemic and unfolding political, policy and economic conditions are reshaping where, why, when, and how students are accommodated in towns and cities.  Student experiences, forms of study, and lifestyles are being redefined and redrawn, and social relations within the student population are being transformed by changing aspirations and motivations, and engagements with ‘the campus’.  This changing context will have serious implications for future town and gown relations and how urban landscapes and societies are influenced by patterns of student housing and student populations, and higher education institutions. The aim of this session is to explore the scale and magnitude of these changing geographies of studentification, and to illuminate how some of these unfolding challenges are being addressed and managed by a range of stakeholders.

Professor Robert Ralphs (Criminology and Social Policy) – Manchester Metropolitan University

Rob is a Professor of Criminology and Social Policy. He has 15 years’ experience of research and lecturing in the areas of substance misuse, youth crime, violent crime, gangs, criminal justice policy and criminological theory.

Dr Oliver Sutcliffe – Senior Lecturer and Director for Operation MANDRAKE – Manchester Metropolitan University
Oliver is the Director for Operation MANDRAKE. MANDRAKE is England's first publicly funded permanent city-centre based testing and harm reduction facility, operating since 2016, supporting open science and agencies working towards safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the public. The partnership which operates two permanent state-of-the-art, fully equipped laboratories, is working on a number of intelligence sharing projects to safeguard communities through drug awareness & harm-reduction.


Duncan Morrow - Lecturer in Politics and Director of Community Engagement - Ulster UniversityFor ten years, Duncan was Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council where he championed the concept of a shared future and peace-building by developing the Council’s role in policy.

Ulster University’s decision to close their largest campus situation in a suburban setting near Belfast and move its 16,000 staff and students into an enhanced Belfast City Centre campus represented major institutional change and a considerable challenge for the city of Belfast and its city Centre neighborhoods. In the context of a city emerging from violent conflict, the new campus represented the biggest single investment in cultural and social change for 25 years. The new campus has fully opened in September 2022.The presentation will reflect on how the University adapted to Town and Gown issues of


  • shared space,
  • ongoing challenges of student and staff safety,
  • developing community relationships with communities directly impacted by the campus, and
  • the management and value of multiagency groups including Community, Policing, Local Authorities, and Government Departments and Agencies.

In the context of the Covid pandemic, the presentation will also reflect on how events impacted the progression of the completion of the campus.  In the presentation, we will reflect on the challenges of managing of-campus living, and the implications of universities and students for planning, management, and design in cities.
The presentation is of direct interest to all those engaged in university public engagement, student and community engagement officers, and all stakeholders involved in managing community/university affairs including local Councils and Police.  


Jenny Ardley – Community Warden – Loughborough University
Jenny Ardley has been the Community Warden at Loughborough University for eight years. There are roughly 8,500 students in a town of 60,000. The role covers welfare, anti-social behaviour, rubbish, recycling and littering, which is all tackled as a multi-agency partnership with Leicestershire Police and Charnwood Borough Council. Sustainability is now a thread within Loughborough University’s Strategy which is driving extra efforts to educate students about recycling and reusing common household items. New partnerships with charity organisations have ensured that items are well used by those who need them.

Carolyn Uphill  - Landlord
A student landlord in Manchester for 20 years, Carolyn Uphill was Chairman of the National Landlords Association for four years, on the Board of Directors for 10 and prepared the ground for its merger with the Residential Landlords Association. She remains an active member of the new National Residential Landlords Association which has over 95,000 members.

With a portfolio of 3 family homes and 3 student HMO’s Carolyn understand both markets. Taking pride in the service which she and her husband provide they have undertaken training to become and maintain their status as Accredited Landlords with the NRLA as well as adhering to the Manchester Student Homes Code.

Formerly MD of her own manufacturing company for 30 years Carolyn has since held a number of non-executive directorships and is currently the Independent Chairman of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

The Governments’ plans for Rental Reform, while intended to protect tenants, may have a negative if not terminal effect on the student rental market leading to a return to the sofa surfing of the 1970’s.

The proposals in the White Paper ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’ will result in an end to fix term tenancies. This session will explore the impact of this change on a market geared to the ‘academic year’ needs of students and the difficulties which Universities may face if first year students lose confidence in their ability to move and free up accommodation for the next intake. Scotland took this step some years ago and the negative results are becoming clear. Can the Government be persuaded that student accommodation is a special case?

Gavin Evans – Neighbourhood Manager – Manchester City Council Bio
Gavin Evans has worked at Manchester City Council for 23 years in various roles within Parks & Leisure, Regeneration, Youth Inclusion and Neighbourhoods. As Neighbourhood Manager he is responsible for improving neighbourhoods in the electoral wards of Withington, Old Moat and Fallowfield. There are approximately 80,000 students living in Manchester.

Leading on neighbourhood management in student populated areas involves working closely with services and partners such as Biffa, Manchester Student Homes, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester to tackle anti-social behaviour, waste & recycling, graffiti and fly tipping issues.

The Manchester focus is to engage with students to be good citizens by respecting local residents and the environment, participate in volunteering, events and activities and embrace our 'Give it Don't Bin it' recycling campaign alongside the British Heart Foundation to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Save The Date Virtual Conference 2022 - 'Off Campus: In Touch'

We are delighted to announce the return of the UKTGA conference – more details to follow soon – please SAVE THE DATE and if there are any immediate queries please get in touch.